Göktaş Metal serves to the Turkish and global markets by manufacturing flat steel, steel service centre products and pipes/profiles across an in-depth experience of around 30 years.The company manufactures welded pipes, box profiles, boards, bands and packed sheets. The company consistently enhances its production, marketing and service performance day by day.The company's objective is to turn out to be one of the leading brands of the steel industry that keep sup the global dynamics. The company has demonstrated a regular trend since 1997 and attained an export coverage of 24 countries. The company manufactures products targeted to demands from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from construction to furniture, machineryto scaffold pipes, and fences to highway barriers. The plants where Information Technologies are employed are interlinked online,and data are automatically collected and monitored through hand-held terminals, barcoding and MRP system. Another process stage where quality-oriented Göktaş is ambitious is quality inspection. In quality inspection laboratories, each raw material purchased is identified and sorted according to the results of physical and mechanical test results, and then designed and manufactured in line with customer requirements. Led by a professional management staff, Göktaş well addresses the demands and requirements of its customers and offers a wide product spectrum and supreme quality. Göktaş highly cares the assets of development, team spirit, environment, knowledge, technology and institutionalization. Thanks to its capability of perfectly integrating its customer-oriented operational standards into non-sacrificed quality policy and sophisticated technology production potential, the company has ranked among most preferred enterprises of the world today.

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